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Cisco WebEx Teams is a complete collaboration service for businesses that enables your employees to message, meet, or call anyone, anywhere at any time.

What is the Cisco WebEx Teams Platform?

The Cisco WebEx Teams platform consists of 3 key components: Message, Meeting and Call. Its primary features include Persistent Chat, Document Sharing, Conferencing, Web and Video Conferencing, Video Rooms as well as Cisco Phones and Video Endpoints that register directly to the Cisco Collaboration Cloud.

Cisco WebEx Teams Messaging is a key part of the platform’s collaboration offering, which is supported on multiple devices including mobile, desktop or web app through your browser. Messaging starts with a virtual room which supports 1-on-1 or team collaboration. Users have the ability to create personal meeting rooms with the touch of a button. Persistent Messages are included by default, which also allows for file sharing within the virtual rooms.

Security is of the highest importance when transferring personal or sensitive data to a user or many users. Cisco WebEx Teams offers end-to-end encryption of content which includes messaging, files, voice and video. You also have the option to moderate room participants and content that is shared within the virtual room.

You can start a collaborative meeting with WebEx Teams by simply adding their name or email address within the room. It’s that simple! Unlimited virtual rooms give you the scalability to meet with everyone.

Users have the ability to start a video conference instantly with the touch of a button from any of your virtual rooms. Sharing content within the meeting enables better business alignment and can accelerate decision making.

Cisco WebEx Teams have revolutionized the way users communicate and collaborate with each other. They are WebEx powered, which means you benefit from all the features that WebEx offers today. You can schedule meetings with the click of a button from your mobile device or computer. Connect face-to-face with HD video & audio, and share content quickly and easily on any device from anywhere.

WebEx Teams offers room systems which are telepresence-enabled devices. This gives you the ability to bring a room full of people into a video conference. Cisco’s SX-10 device includes an integrated camera, codec and microphone. Pan/Tilt/Zoom, Remote Control, PoE and video stream of up to 1080p30. You can receive content on both your WebEx Teams mobile app and your room system to make sharing content from devices that much easier.

Using proximity technology, mobile devices and room systems are able to pair automatically. That means everything you can do on your WebEx Teams mobile app is controllable through your room system.

Make and move calls to and from the room system and your mobile device with the touch of a button. If you are ready to leave the meeting room but not ready to leave the call you can simply use the WebEx Teams app to drag the call to your local device. You also can choose whether you would like to hang up the call on the WebEx Teams room system or leave it active for another participant in the meeting.

Cisco WebEx Teams calling offers a couple different ways to make calling easier. Users can make calls with cloud PBX or through the hybrid service using an on premise PSTN. Cisco calling also supports voice and video with messaging integration. The new WebEx Teams Phone OS supports the latest generation of phones such as the 7800 and 8800 series phones. Video is available on the 8845 and 8865 phone models. Wideband codecs such as G722 are supported for high quality calls.

Basic features such as video calling, single number reach, call forwarding, call transfer, do not disturb and hold/resume are included with WebEx Teams. Auto-attendants, hunt groups, shared lines, video on hold, desk phone control, ad hoc conference and zero touch meeting are among the advanced features.

Device provisioning is simpler than ever with WebEx Teams. A unique QR code is generated for each phone. Video capable phones can simply hold the QR code in front of the camera to integrate the phone into the cloud automatically.

A simple, secure space where you can get things done from anywhere in the world. Connecting your endpoints to the cloud.

Stretch beyond the average.

Cisco WebEx Teams is for Small Business looking to update or upgrade their outdated, underperforming, or fragmented communications system.

Cisco WebEx Teams service provides simple, secure, and complete enterprise-class communications services that are hosted in the Cisco Collaboration Cloud.  Cisco WebEx Teams enables you and your business to message, meet, or call anyone, anywhere, and anytime

Unlike competitor solutions that deliver individual, low-quality services that have to be managed separately, Cisco Spark is an all-in-one, cloud-based communications solution designed for small and midsize businesses that want to provide enterprise-class messaging, meeting, and calling capabilities to help keep your employees productive wherever they’re working.

Meet, Message and Call


The Cisco WebEx Teams app on your phone is your passport to being anywhere in the world instantly. Start a meeting from your smartphone, desk, room system, or Cisco WebEx Teams Board.


Your messages and files are right there in the same space where you start your meetings. Your drawings too. Stay organized with a space for every project or conversation — as many spaces as you need.


Call from any device in the same space where your meetings, files, and conversations live. Your contact list and call history are synced across your devices. Your voicemail is accessible from anywhere.

Cisco WebEx Teams Board

Be More Efficient!

Sketch your vision right on the screen. Your team watches it take shape from their own devices. Someone jumps in and adds color.

Start an HD video or voice call as soon as you walk into the room, with best-in-class conferencing. Slender profile. But 55 or 70 inches wide. Crystal-clear audio adjusts to the speaker.

Your elegant Cisco WebEx Teams Board replaces your conference rooms’ presentation and video screens, whiteboards, phones, cameras, microphones… and all those cables.

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