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Scalable User Models

In an “as-a-service” model it’s easy to scale the number of users as a business expands. Unlike premises-based communications systems, where additions or changes were often laborious, “as-a-service” uses a multi-tenant model, which can easily add more users to existing software in a matter of moments.

Cost Effective Solutions

Unlike premises-based solutions, “as-a-service” solutions do not require an upfront capital investment (or CAPEX). “as-a-service” is an operating expense (OPEX) that can ultimately reduce other inefficient operational expenditures. Per-user and per-device carrier models are usually more cost-effective and allow billing to be streamlined across all locations globally. This reduces dependency on admin staff to sort out billing complexities.

Maximum Security

Cloud-based technology is located offsite in secure facilities, which minimizes risk to the business itself. Even if the company’s local system is compromised, cloud-based data will be protected, assuring business continuity.

Scalable Service Models

It’s also easy to scale available services. To add or remove service components in a premises-based system, it can require specialized hardware and hours of complicated reconfiguration. With an “as-a-service” solution, the software package is a collection of applications that work in tandem – scaling this can be as simple as checking a box. This functionality also allows you to stay on the cutting edge of new technology and up to date with existing applications.

Dedicated Support

Because “as-a-service” solutions are hosted in the cloud, that also means it comes with an independent support staff to help solve any IT issue. For a global business, this can be an immense support for employees in opposite time zones. This also frees up on-site IT staff to support other critical and strategic business needs.

Disaster Recovery

With “as-a-service”solutions, you aren’t in danger of losing mission-critical data in the event your building is affected by a disaster or outage. With built-in redundancies and remote accessibility, Cloud Disaster Recovery assures that a business will experience less downtime. DRaaS, or Disaster-Recovery-as-a-Service, can be a perfect complement to a UCaaS solution. It ensures that the process of restoring data goes as smoothly as the process of backing it up.

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